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Book Pick from July

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Millennial love triangle  

There is a tragedy buried within the prose of Rooney, the tale of a young woman falling for an older married man. While this is a well-worn road, Rooney puts a Millennial spin on it.

The young woman has just broken up with her girlfriend and poetry partner in post Celtic Tiger boom Ireland. The power of the novel is in, unsurprisingly, the conversation. The dialogue between Francis and her ex, conversations with her married lover and between her broken father is superb.

Rooney paints a picture of messy relationships, up against a 21st century light and whether you are young or old, the writing is so assured and flowing, it will start a conversation.


Winner of the 2017 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year

Praise for Conversations with Friends:

A Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week
Vogue’s 10 Best Books of 2017
Slate’s 10 Favorite Books of the Year’s Best Books of the Year
The Cut’s Best Books by Women

“A writer of rare confidence, with a lucid, exacting style… [O]ne wonderful aspect of Rooney’s consistently wonderful novel is the fierce clarity with which she examines the self-delusion that so often festers alongside presumed self-knowledge… But Rooney’s natural power is as a psychological portraitist. She is acute and sophisticated about the workings of innocence; the protagonist of this novel about growing up has no idea just how much of it she has left to do.”
The New Yorker

“Rooney has the gift of imbuing everyday life with a sense of high stakes…a novel of delicious frictions.”
New York Magazine

“I love debuts where you just can’t believe that it was a debut… Conversations with Friends paints a nuanced, page-turning portrait of a whip-smart university student in the throes of an affair with an older married man.”
– Zadie Smith, Elle


Understanding the Unspeakable


She was the perfect nanny.

Louise seemed to love the children, caring for the couples offspring in their family chic apartment  in the trendy 10th arrondissement.

But why has Myriam  arrived home to find her perfect nanny has murdered her baby?

 Compulsively readable. I read it in one sitting. (The Times

 Extremely gripping . . . An important book. (Sunday Independent