How does the Subscription work?

Iknowbooks reviews your personal survey and sends you three suggestions of great reads personally picked for you.

We'll even send a link where you can buy the book from an independent bookshop or corporate seller.  

So you don't actually SEND books?

There are a ton of sites to buy books, a ton of subscription sites that select books based on what genre you tick. We want to do something very different for the price of a cup of coffee a month.

Is this  site secure?

We are  powered by Cratejoy and Cloudflare which use the latest in security.

Is my data safe?

We take your data seriously, we NEVER share any data or activity.  We don't track anything other than your orders  from  this site.
You can email us for a copy of any personal information we have for you.  [email protected]
You can email us to cancel your account and destroy all  data we have for you.[email protected]
We collect basic information from you when you create an account, such as name, address, email address. When you purchase products or add services, we collect additional information like reading preferences.
We also record information when you contact us, including customer service requests and notes or details explaining what you asked and how we responded.

Who are Iknowbooks?

Iknowbooks was started by husband and wife team,  based in London.
Martin  has worked for years as a bookseller,  meeting all sorts of publishers and selling books to the public. He has also studied literature at Masters Degree level.
Aino has worked as a professional  translator of US books for the the Nordic market. She has translated a New York Times Bestseller.