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A Haunting debut

A brilliant debut from Sophie Mackintosh. Three sisters live in an isolated community, away from men. With tones from Handmaids, this is more than your usual YA dystopia. We think you’ll love this book that was nominated for the Man Booker Prize.

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The London Magazine

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Out of the Darkness

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean is the type of book we wish all YA writers would read and take note. While the central character has many of the typical YA tropes, out of step with her friends, a secret, a love interest- this book is so much more!

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Hope is the Word.

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Truly Unique


VN by Madeline Ashby has more to do with Japanese Anmie fantasy than Sci-Fi, it is in fact both a YA novel and a hard Sci Fi novel. 

At its heart it’s the story of a young girl trying to figure out her place in the world, except this is no ordinary girl. A brilliant debut that has since had follow up novels. If you’ve missed this, we think you’ll love it! 

Fantasy Book Review

Strange Horizons


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