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A Haunting debut


A brilliant debut from Sophie Mackintosh. Three sisters live in an isolated community, away from men. With tones from Handmaids, this is more than your usual YA dystopia. We think you’ll love this book that was nominated for the Man Booker Prize.

Guardian Review

Irish Times Review

The London Magazine

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The birth of Cool


Another Country James Baldwin 

Baldwin's masterpiece feels as relevant today as it did back in 1961. Cool hipsters of 

Greenwich village, writers, actors, musicians, black and white, gay and straight, all their voices trying to decipher how to live in a changing America. 

It is the dawn of the counterculture, civil rights and the Vietnam war, New York in the late 

50's. Struggling singers, Jazz artists and writers compete for each other’s love, each other’s approval. Sexuality is blurred and divisions of class and race bend and weave. 

Baldwin’s beautiful novel is as much a love/hate letter to the New York he left behind for Paris, as it is a perfect character study of the creative desperate lives that lived inside it. 

More than a historic piece of fiction, it resonates today as relevant today as it was in 1961 – a classic of American literature. 

New Yorker

New York Times

Paris Review

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Binti Nnedi Okorafor


We wanted to throw a curve ball with our last suggestion for this month.

Part coming of age novel, part great Sci Fi. Binti is the classic small world girl heading out to the stars to take up a place at the prestigious Oomza university, a Harvard of galactic proportions. Binti's dream to the stars gets a violent interruption by a ruthless alien race.

Part one of a trilogy, this novella grapples what Sci Fi does best – take contemporary issues and project them into the future. Here Okorafor takes on big subjects with an engaging characters and not pulling the usual Sci Fi tropes.  

While this could have veered off into space opera cliché,  Okorafor attempts something new that is sure to surprise and start an addiction to the series.


The Verge

Strange Horizons

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