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Oct Picks


Out of the Darkness

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean is the type of book we wish all YA writers would read and take note. While the central character has many of the typical YA tropes, out of step with her friends, a secret, a love interest- this book is so much more!
Guardian Books
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Hope is the Word.
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Sweet Fruit Sour Land Rebecca Ley 

Post Apocalyptic prose has always been popular, but Ley’s debut takes a different stance in giving us a Pre-Apocalyptic world. Like the best Apocalyptic novels, we don’t dwell on why this world has ended up like this, but how the hangers on are surviving. What makes this novel special, is rather like the last days of Rome or Berlin before the rise of Hitler, are the characters facing the cliff edge and deciding to let the music play on. Mathilde’s seduction from the drudgery of a world collapsing to the last party in town is brilliantly done and its often remarkable this novel is only a debut.
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Normal People Sally Rooney

A love story? An examination of how people change? Critics agree one thing, this is the best novel about love many of them have read in a long time.

Guardian Review

Irish Times

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